Embracing Our New Normal in the Midst of Covid-19

As we approach day 987656?? of quarantine it is so easy to reminisce of the days once passed.

Instead of being caught up in how things were, it is more beneficial to embrace how things are and  embrace our “new normal”.

Thus far, I have learned that:

1. Being on-time, looking people in their eyes and greeting others with a warm smile has now replaced a firm handshake.

2. The only consistent thing, is inconsistency. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Be flexible and learn how to pivot with the times.

3. Always be mindful of the present.

When we focus too much on the past we are susceptible to falling into depression, on the contrary if we are constantly worried about the future, it is easy to become anxious.

The only way to combat these two states of being is to stay present, it only last a moment so embrace it!

A-1 Mobile Notary LLC is embracing our new normal by practicing social distancing and sanitizing our supplies after each signing.

We are hopeful that this new way of living will only propel forward into a much safer and healthier way of life.

Feel free to reach out and share how you are adjusting during this time.

I would love to hear from you!



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